Seven best wines for foodies - The wines you can never go wrong with at dinner

Such is the complexity of pairing food and wine, there is an entire profession dedicated to it. The Sommelier can be your best friend at a restaurant, helping you pair the delicacies on your plate with a wine that will make take meals to a whole new level. Of course we can't always have a somm at our beck and call, but knowing a couple basic things about how to pair wine with food can make any dinner just that little bit more special. Then once you learn a few things, you realize that there are a few wines that are a dream for foodies, the wines you can never go wrong with. So here are a few wines to keep in mind, and have on hand for your next dinner with friends.

1 - Merlot

Lush, medium bodied, with a velvet like texture, Merlot is a red wine that cover the board when it comes to food. There are plenty of fruits, but not too high on tannins or acidity that will allow it to pair with any meat from light to dark, roasted to grilled, chicken breast to rare ribeye. 

2 - Carmenere

Another medium bodied red wine that will blow you away. Carmenere also carries some hints of bell peppers so you can pair it with a lot more exciting foods like Peruvian cuisine. If you are going wild with dinner, Carmenere will stand up to it and make you feel like you are sitting down with gastronomic royalty.

3 - Grenache

Spanish flair or French refinery, Grenache goes well with rich foods that carry lots of flavor. Heading toward the heavier side of medium bodied, but it will go well with just about anything, especially hearty meals.

4 - Sauvignon Blanc

Okay, a white wine for you. Crisp, clean, refreshing, and a great palette cleanser make Sauvignon Blanc a fantastic wine to go with food. Sauvignon Blanc will go down a treat with a chill summer dinner eating nothing but grilled chicken and salad, or can be the perfect buddy to get sexy and slurp down some oysters. Whatever your heart desires, Sauvignon Blanc will accommodate.

5 - Carignan

Medium bodied red wines are pretty much a safe bet to have with any meal, but Carignan is something else. After years wasted in cheap jugs, this grape is finally getting the attention it deserves. Super smooth, easy to drink, just the right amount of tannins, and a bunch of flavors that make it suitable to any meal and cuisine. Chef's worth their salt love having Carignan in their restaurants, it should be something you look for when wine and food are in the conversation.

6 - Gruner Veltliner

Light, crisp, zesty, and a lot of the same things we said about Sauvignon Blanc but with a little extra lemon bite. Gruner Veltliner is outstanding with a salad, but Austrians will also swear that it is exceptional alongside a Wiener Schnitzel. A great wine to cut through fried foods.

7 - Chardonnay

Rich, creamy, and a near perfect acidic bite. There is a reason that almost every restaurant in the world will carry a Chardonnay on its wine list. Chardonnay cleans your palette better than any other wine, and is a great accompaniment to rich and light foods alike. Chardonnay is a classic foodie wine, one that is hard to argue against.