Wines that Rock: Sauvignon Blanc - Always there when you call, always on time

The beauty of having thousands of wines available to us from around the world shows us that there is never a dull moment to be had. New lessons and experiences are at our fingertips often just the twist of a cork screw away. But there has to be something said for the go to, the regular, the tried, the true, and trusted. What makes that wine better than anything else? It is your favorite, like a favorite song or movie. Guaranteed to life your spirits and forget about everything else. For me when it comes to wine, that wine is often Sauvignon Blanc.

So what is it about Sauvignon Blanc that makes me so happy? Sauvignon Blanc wines have a real hook to them, easy to get into. They rarely offer too much complexity, which makes it an super easy summer sipper. The first thing I do every time I visit my mom in South Africa is go to the winery down the street and buy a case of their bottom tier Sauvignon Blanc, keep it chilled, and sip it all summer long by the pool. My aunts will always have Sauvignon Blanc on hand in the summer, glasses at the ready, even the odd ice cube to keep it cool and refreshing. When Sauvignon Blanc is reasonably priced, its a guiltless pleasure you can swig all day.

Sauvignon Blanc has an outstanding ability to raise its game as well. You can have the warmer climate Sauvignon Blanc from places like South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand that smacks you in the face with this awesome tropical vibe, bringing flavors of passion fruit to the game. Then you try a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire or from California and it is a whole different animal. Reminiscent, sure, but you get a sense of place and time that make each bottle unique. A lot of fruit flavors and some really bright acidity combined with our growing global desire for the stuff, has allowed winemakers to really have a go at making excellent wines that will make you cry they are so damn good. Grilled fish, seafood, oysters, light dinners, whatever you could want will go down a treat with a good Sauvignon Blanc. 

Yeh, Sauvignon Blanc is one of my go to wines, and I am glad because I know it will certainly make me happy every time I have a glass...
...or five

Sauvignon Blanc wines are a go to, because they can cover a whole host of bases without disappointing. Dress it up, dress it down, but like a good solid shirt they can go with whatever you put in front of them and make you feel good, make you feel confident. You can go anywhere in the world, pick up a bottle and know what you are getting. Then, even when you think you know everything about it, it will surprise you. A line in a movie you never really noticed before, and it just brings a smile to your face all over again.

Yeh, Sauvignon Blanc is one of my go to wines, and I am glad because I know it will certainly make me happy every time I have a glass (or five).