So how do I get into wine?

Great question! For a lot of folks wine can be kind of difficult to get their head around. It feels like you have to know wine  in order to enjoy wine. Hey, wine is about what you like and what you enjoy. But it does reward those who dive deeper and become more knowledgeable. However serious you take it, getting into wine can be a hell of a lot of fun. So how does one get into wine?

Drink, drink, and drink some more

The best way to get into something is to do a lot of it. However please don't do it all in one go! You will hurt yourself. When we talk about drinking more we are actually talking about trying more wine, trying new things whether it be new varietals, regions, or a new winery.

Take note

The simplest way to get into wine is to remember what you like and what you don't like. From there you start to take note so you can recall things the next time you are faced with a wine drinking decision. Did you like that Pinot Noir? Try remember where it was from, what year it was, and you can find similar wines that you will enjoy next time.

Should you have a notebook on wine? Depends on how seriously you want to get into wine. If you are really serious about getting into wine then definitely take notes one way or another (pen and paper, digitally, or an app). Mental notes will suffice for most of us who don't want to be too serious, and just want to enjoy good wine with good friends.

Open yourself up to suggestion

Seriously there are tens of thousands of wines in the world. Sticking to a handful of trusted wines is kind of sad. Come on, you're not your dad! Whether that be a store clerk (try and judge their excitement about the wine) a sommelier or a friend, at the very least take a suggestion from time to time. These people will open you up to amazing new experiences. If someone is excited about a wine, drink it with them and enjoy it! You will probably like it too. Unless its Orange Wine, that shit is like Marmite.

Find fun events near you

Though we prefer wine drinking over wine tasting, these events can be a hell of a lot of fun. They are full of people who love wine and want to get their hands on more. They are also led by people who want to enthusiastically share their wine with you, be it a store or a winery. There is almost always a hidden gem at these kinds of events and you are guaranteed to find something you like if not just have a really good time getting slightly stupid.

At the end of the day, getting into wine is all about you. If you want to learn everything there is to know about wine then get out there and get your hands on every piece of information you can. If you want to look less stupid ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant, then all you need is some basic understanding and confidence in knowing what YOU like. If you just want to kick back with some friends then all the power to you. The truth is getting into wine is defined by how much you like wine and how much you enjoy it. Just promise us you will try and get your hands on as much wine as you can!