How to (REALLY) drink Champagne.

I was shocked, SHOCKED, to see that Krug CEO Maggie Henriquez blasted drinking Champagne out of Champagne flutes. What the hell do you drink Champagne out of if not those delicate little glasses? I felt like a Philistine, a piece of trash for not doing the proper thing. We had to find out how to properly drink Champagne, and good thing we did. Who knew that we had been drinking Champagne wrong this whole time.

How to open Champagne, the classy and the flashy ways

Opening the Champagne can be a lot of fun, bur for heavens sake stop just popping the cork with reckless abandon! You are going to take somebody's eye out. There are two acceptable ways to open a bottle of Champagne, the classy way and the flashy way.

The classy way to open a bottle of Champagne comes straight out of the James Bond novels and movies. It is super easy to do and will prevent you from spilling all of that precious sparkling juice all over the floor. Take a white cotton napkin (okay, so color is not important) and drape it over the bottle. We hope at this point you have remembered to take off the foil and the muselet (thats the wire cage that holds the cork in). Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle while holding the cork. Gently twist the bottle and pull away. Voila! You just opened a Champagne bottle like a super spy.

The flashy to open a bottle of Champagne involves a sword. Yes, a sword. A saber to be precise. What you want to do is again take off the foil and the muselet from the Champagne bottle. Hold the bottle again at 45 degrees with the cork pointed away from everyone in your party. Find the seem of the bottle and run a saber along the seem hitting the base of the opening of the bottle. Do not chop off the lips of the bottle! Let physics do the work and the top of the bottle will come off looking like a clean cut. 


Now, on to drinking the champagne! 

If the CEO of one of the top Champagne houses is imploring you to never drink Champagne out of a flute, you have to listen to her. As Maggie Henriquez puts it "Drinking out of a flute is like going to a concert with earplugs in because it wont let you enjoy whats inside." So what is the best glass to use? The best glasses to use for Champagne are tulip and wide tulip glasses. These styles of glassware allow to experience more from the Champagne through the aromas that they catch when the bubbles are released. Our guess is when you bought the Champagne that you spent a pretty penny on it, maybe even invested in it for a special occasion, so why not use glassware that will help you get the most out of it?

Luigi Bormioli
Schott Zwiesel

To enjoy champagne is to enjoy a special moment in life. There is no other drink in the world that can make people smile in an instant. Champagne is about joy and celebration. So if you are questioning how to drink Champagne then your first answer should be "Whatever it is that is the most fun, thats how I drink Champagne."