Wines that Rock: Etna Rosso - Like how you imagine a volcano would taste

I have to tell you the truth. Sometimes I am so bowled over by an awesome wine that I want to write about it immediately as my way of sharing its awesomeness with the world. When this happens I have to remind myself that one spectacular bottle or glass of wine does not a whole region or varietal make. I might have just gotten lucky. Then there are times when I stumble across a wine that is just so good I almost feel as if I never want to share. These are the wines that blow my mind. I go through every bottle I can get my hand on until I have to take a step back and say, okay, its time to share this with my friends.

Friends, I want you all to know about Etna Rosso wines. Sorry I have kept this a secret for so long.

Etna Rosso wines come from Sicily, with the DOC sitting at the foothills of the sleepy volcano Mount Etna. The burning rocks shake their way into the wine, and Etna Ross erupts with big fruit forward tones. You would expect something with a full body and smoky texture, but with these wines you get a light bodied red wine that is super easy to drink. It is captivating and delicious, you will just want to go back again and again. 

Etna Rosso wines are made using the two Nerello varieties of grape. The wines of the Etna Rosso DOC will predominantly use the Nerello Mascalese which is the explosive fruity forward grape that gives Etna Rosso wines their awesomeness, and sometimes a little Nerello Capuccio to add color and alcohol to the wine (whoop!). Nerello Mascalese brings the music, Nerello Capuccio cranks up the volume.

What I love about Etna Rosso wines is that they feel so lively. Maybe there is something in that volcanic soil that gives these wines so much energy that you just want to break out in song and dance. You could go all night, drinking, partying, and celebrating life because why the fuck not.