Am I doing this right? How to open a bottle of wine!

Are you having trouble opening your bottle of wine? Are you not sure what kind of corkscrew to get? There are so many ways you can open a bottle of wine, from the simple, to the flashy, to the shoe. Yes. you can open a bottle of wine successfully and easily using just a shoe. Opening a bottle of wine is simple, you just need to find the method that suits you. So here are a few options for opening that delicious bottle you have been saving for a while.

The waiter's friend - A profound classic

Waiters and sommeliers open more wine than anybody, so a tool to open wine that is referred to as a waiter's friend is always going to be at the top of our list. The waiter's friend is readily available, from Crate and Barrel and even a good liquor store will carry a simple version. 

The Winged Corkscrew - The standard for every home bar

This tool really should be in every household in the world. No question. The winged corkscrew is essential for anybody who has ever had an alcoholic beverage ever. 


The fancy lever corkscrew

I swear my Dad has received at least 30 of these as a gift over the years. Totally cool! But I wonder if people really know how much wine he drinks? Im a little worried. No bother. This is a cool ass wine opener, you pull the liver to drive in the screw and pull it out to remove it. These lever based options usually have handles that hold the bottle in place, resulting in the quickest opening of a wine bottle ever. 

The electric corkscrew

If all you want is to push a button and hey Bob's your uncle the wine is open then all you need in life is an electric corkscrew. It takes a couple seconds, but it is fool proof and dead easy. Wine bottles will tremble in your wake.

The shoe

If you don't have a wine opener on hand, and can't get one within the next ten minutes, all you need is a shoe. Get a shoe with a good heel and take the foil off of the bottle. Put the wine in the shoe and bang it up against a hard flat surface. Boom! Cork will start to come out of the bottle, but be sure not to go all the way or it will end in tears.