Five wines to drink this fall, the wine guide to get you started this season.

Cool days and even cooler nights. The leaves begin to turn bright shades of orange, yellow, and red. Pumpkin spice appears on everything. Yes, fall is officially here! Its starting to feel like we can be ourselves and the summery people we pretend to be. Ankle boots, light jackets, and dead leaves. What could be missing? Oh yeh! A guide to wines that will help you kick off the fall right.


You can find Syrah just about anywhere. Syrah is a super popular wine variety that makes Cabernet Sauvignon look like a toy. It is a big, heavy, bold, full bodied red wine that is known for its sexy velvet like texture as it slinks back into your mouth. Washington has some awesome Syrah that is great for sharing with friends and awesome on dates.


If the weather calls for a sexy leather jacket, then so should the wine! I don’t think there is a sexier wine out there in the world (counter arguments in the comment section please!) but Grenache will make you feel sensual to your core. Grenache is a wine to impress, whether at a low lit bar or after a walk among the foliage. Grenache sets the mood.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir could easily be the only wine on this list. Pinot noir lovers will assure you that there is no need for any other red wine you could possibly need for the fall, or for any other season. there is something about a good Pinot Noir that makes people go crazy, and if you are the kind of person who obsesses over a Pumpkin Spice Latte then you might just be the person who goes crazy over Pinot Noir. This is your moment


Long passed over as a “cheap grape for jug wine” Consult is beginning to have a real moment in the spotlight. There is a lot of beauty in its simplicity, and like a lot of really great medium bodied red wines, Cinsault is a master the food pairings. Cinsault pairs well with almost any food you put in front of it, and when your diet in the fall goes from rich and heavy to light and clean, you may need something that covers all the bases.


How could we not include a rich, creamy, butterscotch tasting white wine in this list? Viognier is a perfect white wine for the fall. Not only is Viognier delicious, but it beats the pants off of those basic white wines like cheap Chardonnay. Viognier is high heels strutting down the street and making those UGG boots look like a disaster.