The Hot List: October 2017 - Wines and trends to look out for this month

We could write about new and awesome wines until we were blue in the face and our fingers fell off. There is just so much wine out there that we could not cover it all. But there are a few trends happening in the world of wine right now that we think you should be keeping an eye out for. 

Wines to keep your eyes open for


Cinsault is a fantastic fall wine, so as the weather gets cooler and you feel like you need a meatier wine to keep you warm keep on the lookout for Cinsault. We think Cinsault is definitely a wine that rocks!

Pinot Muenier

A tricky wine to find, but you will be so happy once you do. This grape is usually reserved for Champagne but those that know its true secret will tell you Pinot Meunier makes an incredible still red wine that kicks the pants off of Pinot Noir. Tricky to get a hold of, but try this Pinot Meunier from Matthiasson in Napa.


Not just any Chardonnay, but go for what Jon Bonne of Punch Drink is calling the third wave of American Chardonnay. California is becoming the hottest place in the world for Chardonnay because smaller wineries are finally doing this shit right. They want to appreciate what California can do for the grape and the wine, letting it get nice and ripe but not overdoing it, holding back on the oak barrel aging. It sounds like they are cutting the middle between the fully oaked buttery days and the lean crisp steel tank days, but what is really happening is California is falling in love with what could be called its signature white grape. 

Wine trends that will keep you buzzing

Natural Wines

Natural wines should be on the lips of everybody in the wine world right now. You should definitely be drinking natural wines. The funky flavors, the rebellious punk attitudes, is growing a counter-culture in wine around the world. Look for buzzwords like natural yeast (yeast that grows on the grapes), organic, biodynamic, and minimal intervention. Go in with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised by what you like.

Pet-Nat wines

Everybody is talking about Pet-Nat wines right now. Even Vogue. Fucking Vogue dudes and dudettes! Petillant Naturel wines are amazing, just that little bit of fizziness, that little bit of funkiness that makes you feel like this is a much cooler wine than your other sparkling wines. But lets cut the bullshit. These wines are not going to kill Champagne (they might screw over Cava) but they are awesome wines to drink with friends whenever you just feel like hanging. Its a totally different realm for sparkling wines.

Wineries you need to know

Broc Cellars, San Francisco CA

Broc-Cellars is an urban winery from San Francisco that makes killer natural wines. Wines with all the bullshit taken out, left to express their true nature and their surroundings. Expressions of Terroir as winos call it, but worth sinking your teeth into no matter how fussed you are about it because these wines are phenomenally good. Their cool labels and rare varietals will also make you swoon, but act quick because their wines sell out fast!

Fausse Piste, Portland OR

When our founder Damian finally got his hands on some Fausse Piste Syrah he nearly wept. As he put it, he had heard a lot about it from friends who proclaimed it to be an incredible small winery that would blow your mind. Their wine did not disappoint, being both savoury and packed with fruit. Inspired by Rhone varietals but also Oregon staples like Pinot Noir, these wines should be your go to for the heartier meals you will be enjoying this fall.

Matthiasson, Napa CA

We have already mentioned their Pinot Meunier, but they make a lot of other increible rare vairetals as well. Their methods are an attempt to express the farms they grow their grapes on which are full of character. A contemporary interpretation on classical expressions make Matthiasson a wine lovers dream. Also, their Chardonnay is one of those new American Chardonnays you should be moving mountains to try.