Fall is a great time to try Orange Wine

Fall is a great time to try orange wine. If you have never tried orange wine or are a little bit skeptical then this is your perfect opportunity! You could think of orange wine as the gap between your summer white wines and winter red wines, but there is so much more to this wine than that. Plus its orange, which goes well with the changing leaves.

What is orange wine?

Orange wine is really quite simple. Grapes that are usually used to make white wine are crushed as you normally would do, but instead of isolating the juice to ferment on its own, the juices are left to ferment with the skins much in the same way that red wine is made. This imparts on the wine the color from the skin, usually giving it an orange hue and hence the name orange wine. You also get a few experiences you would otherwise not get from a white wine, such as tannins and earthy flavors.

Sounds delicious, should I try orange wine?

You should absolutely try orange wine! Orange wine can be really funky, with a wild array of flavors. You get a good fruity blast, some tannins, and then subtle earthy tones. I have heard people recall flavors of mushrooms and ketchup which sounds wild, but totally delicious. Orange wine is essentially a more savory offering of white wine.  Everything on orange wine comes together really nicely to make it fun to drink in the fall as you watch the leaves turn, crunch underfoot, and dissapear into the soil. Orange wine is Fall.

What is orange wine made from?

Most orange wine that you can find is made from Italian white wine grapes, but winemakers in the United States are at the forefront of challenging the perceptions of what orange wine can be. We have found orange wines made from Gewurtzraminer, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gruner Veltliner, and Chenin Blanc among many, many others. It will be a fun task to try a bunch and see what you like.

So is orange wine a good wine for Rose lovers?

One might think that Orange wine is a good wine for people who love Rose. The idea that orange wine is a great wine for Rose lovers because Orange treats white grapes like red wines and Rose is about treating red grapes like white wine is just stupid bullshit you would see in a HuffPo article. Orange wine is its own thing, you should treat it as such. Orange wine is kind of like Marmite, if you have ever heard of that. You either love it or you don't.

Where do I get orange wine?

The popularity of orange wine throughout the United States is soaring, as more and more daring wine drinkers seek out crazy new variations. Problem is, unlike Rose, orange wine has not really broken through to the mainstream. This means you have to go out of your way to find a good one, and it will probably be at your local corner store.