Rare, mouthwatering medium bodied red wines that will make you swoon

Medium bodied red wines are not to be overlooked, in fact they can often be the most delicious wines you will find. These are not just middle of the road red wines either. Medium bodied red wines can be more luscious than lighter wines, and much more elegant than their fuller bodied cousins. In fact there is a whole world of mouthwatering medium body red wines out there so we are looking a a few rarer varietals that will make you swoon.


Oh Barbera! If Nebbiolo is the ruler of Piedmontese wines then Barbera is the rebellious hero of the people. Barbera is a delicately poised medium bodied red wine with a bright and vibrant acidity. Barbera could not care less, it could not give a flying fuck, its just here to have a good time. Barbera is that wine you take to parties where people will be singing and dancing until the early hours of the morning. You might feel it the next day, but its totally worth it.

Cabernet Franc

We have long touted Cabernet Franc as one of our favorite wines. For many of us at Vynl, our friends, and family, it may be the perfect wine. Its flavors and aromas of chili peppers and crushed gravel invoke memories held in the deepest reaches of our mind since childhood. Who knew a wine could do that? Also did somebody say chocolate? Cabernet Franc wines from warmer climate often carry a taste of bitter cacao. You could call Cabernet Franc the dark chocolate of wine. Rich, bitter, and decadent.


Old vine is good wine, and there is no other wine in the world that encapsulates this concept like Carignan. Old vine Carignan wines are like drinking a wine made by a master with decades of experience. It is carefully constructed, refined, and sturdy, even if on its surface it may seem rather plain. In the details you find a wine that is a perfect match for any food, something many top chefs would agree with as they seek to include Carignan to go with their intricate menus. 


Chile has a wonderful wine to share with us all. Much like how Argentina rescued and revitalized Malbec, Chile has brought Carmenere back to life. Carmenere is an absolute pleasure to behold, only you wont want to be holding it for very long as you would want to drink it very soon. Carmenere has all the characteristics that make a medium bodied red wine so good. It pairs well with food, its easy to drink, and its delicious. Add to that a sense of refined ruggedness akin to a swash buckling, horse riding noble Latin American caballero that would give cause Bordeaux to quiver in their collective boots and you have a wine that could easily take over the world. 


If you need a wine for pizza night then you need look no further than Montepulciano. This wine seems to be made for Pizza, or maybe Pizza was made for it. One of the coolest things about Montepulciano has to be its super dark, inky color. It seems like a dar, brooding wine, but once you crack it open and get stuck in its a hell of a lot of fun. It has some fun flavors of sour cherries that will make you smile. Montepulciano is also the second widest grape grown in Italy, so if the Italians love it then its good enough for us! Wait why did we say it was rare then? Because its hard to find producers outside of Italy!