Can we all just agree to drink more Riesling? 5 Reasons Riesling should be your go-to white wine!

Thank fuck for spring! It is finally here! Okay, so maybe where you are, like us, you are watching the last of the snow melt away from that disgusting pile of dirt and ice that will probably be there come July, but its warm enough outside to (hopefully) be wearing a light jacket! And for me, that usually means getting stuck into my favorite white wines that have been sitting un drunk since the warmest days of Fall. Which means I have a few bottles of Riesling that are waiting and deserve my undivided attention. So before I get stuck in, let's all agree that in 2018 we need to drink more Riesling, enjoy more Riesling, and finally give this wine the credit it deserves!

So why should we be drinking more Riesling? Well...

1 - Riesling is super easy to drink, and easy to get your hands on

Riesling is a fantastic white wine because it is an accessible wine. Riesling is super easy to drink. Its light, crisp, and refreshing when made in its drier styles, and when made as a sweeter wine its sweetness is not overbearing. You could easily throw back a few glasses and keep going through the day or night. You'll feel a lot less guilty than you would with other wines, as even some of the best examples of this glorious, aromatic white wine are available for less than $20. You can get fantastic bottles of Riesling for less than $15.

2 - Riesling has broad appeal

Are you a fan of super bright, citrusy, clean, and crisp white wines? Brilliant, there is a Riesling for you. Are you a fan of beautiful aromatic white wines that have big floral aromas and and off-dry taste with a lot of sweeter fruits? There is a Riesling for you. Do you enjoy super sweet desert wines that remind you of anything and everything to do with honey? There is a Riesling for you! 

Riesling grapes with a little bit of Noble Rot setting in. Harvested late in the season these grapes will make for a delicious sweet wine.

Riesling grapes with a little bit of Noble Rot setting in. Harvested late in the season these grapes will make for a delicious sweet wine.

3 - Riesling is super cool, just ask everybody in the NBA's wine aficionado club

ESPN published a very interesting story about the NBA's growing fraternity of wine lovers, but one interesting trend we picked up on here was how they all got their start. All of their adventures into wine love started off with Riesling. Riesling was the wine that unlocked their passion for the

But hey, if all these super cool, stylish, gentlemen of basketball are drinking Riesling, then isnt that enough of an excuse to drink some too? 

4 - Riesling is a lesson in wine geek-dom

Barnaby Tuttle of the Teutonic Wine Company in Portland, Oregon really made me understand this point about Riesling, that Riesling made you realize more than any other wine just how true all those geeky wine concepts are. Drinking Riesling is a lot of fun, but drinking more Riesling from different places, from different makers, and across the stylistic board from dry to sweet will teach you about terroir through super clear, crisp, delicious examples. If you have ever wondered what on earth that wine nerd was going on about when they said they could "really taste the place" in a wine, then drink a few Rieslings and you will get it. 

5 - Riesling can take you on a world tour

Related to what we said above about wine geekiness, Riesling has gained a geek chic following of winemakers around the world. Because of Riesling's propensity to soak up the terroir and blast it into the bottles, you will start to notice some stark differences. So as you get more and more into Riesling so that it borders on setting up your own local Riesling-con every year to meet other Riesling nerds, you will no doubt begin a whirlwind tour of the world through this amazing wine. You will have no better fun doing so than with Riesling as well. From Germany's Mosel valley, through the Alsace region in France, and over to New York, California, Washington, and even Michigan, before heading drinking Riesling is like going around the world in eighty bottles. 

Thirsty? Here are a few great Rieslings to start your love affair!

Trefethen 2016 Dry Riesling - Trefethen is a family owned wine estate in Napa that makes baller wine. Their wines are exquisite and nuanced, as you would expect a classy California winery to be. Their Dry Riesling is by far one of the best California Rieslings that we have had, reminding us of biting into a crisp green apple with a well balanced acidity that makes this wine refreshing and easy to drink. 

Teutonic Wine Company's Oregon Rieslings - One of our favorite small wineries in the world. Barnaby Tuttle became obsessed with Rieslings when he was a wine buyer for a top end restaurant in Portland, so much so he started his own Mosel inspired winery aptly named the Teutonic Wine Company. They have a Willamette Valley Riesling, but also more specific sight Rieslings from Sunnyside Vineyard and Crow's Valley. Consider this Riesling and terroir lesson one!

While we are talking about Teutonic Wine Company, let's not forget their Mosel Valley Riesling! The "Term" Mosel Valley Riesling is made by friends of Teutonic Wine under specific instructions from Barnaby. This is Riesling and terroir lesson two!

Liten Buffel 2015 Riesling - Lord knows we at Vynl love a little bit of fermentation on the skin and this daring beauty from New York is about as wild and raw as a Riesling can get. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, this is what wine should be like. 

What an American Riesling should be like! Litten Buffel nails it!

What an American Riesling should be like! Litten Buffel nails it!


RAM Cellars 2016 Riesling and 2016 Le Belier Blanc - We told you that these great white wines were accessible, and at RAM Cellars you get some of the most amazing white wines from one of Portland's truly hidden winemaking gems. RAM's Riesling is a whole bunch of zesty, crisp, refreshing goodness. Meanwhile the Le Belier Blanc is something a bit different, as a mix of 60% Riesling and 40% Pinot Gris. This wine strikes a perfect balance between the two grapes, when you might not have thought it was possible. Limited quantities, so we might have to fight all of you for a case! 

Forge Cellars Classique Riesling - Maybe it is the law of sudden ubiquitousness, or maybe it is because they are so highly in demand, but we are starting to see Forge Rieslings wherever we go. Forge only makes Pinot Noir and Rieslings, specializing in crisp, zesty wines that are as bone dry as they come. We love the Classique, as its one of the most aromatic and beautiful wines we have ever come across. If you are so lucky to come across one of their single vineyard or Les Allies (a more curated production) wines, snap them up without giving it a second though!