Spring forward with these glorious aromatic white wines!

Ah the smell of flowers blooming, the sounds of birds singing, and the lure of wine flowing as we thaw out after a cold winter. There is no better accompaniment, no better pairing for your spring flings than a glorious, aromatic white wine. What could be better for the bright, floral aromas of the day than a bright, floral white wine? So if you are wondering which of these amazing wines that pack a lot of flower power into their bouquet. What should you be looking for? We're glad you asked!


Since Vynl friend and wine blog extraordinaire Heather Gordon (AKA Blanc de Blonde) introduced us to Arneis we have become super obsessed about this amazing grape. When we learned that our friends over at Idlewild included Arneis in their spring release, we dutifully ordered as much as our wallets would allow us. Why? Because this wine is a wild flower child who knows how to throw down! 

Chenin Blanc

Started from the Loire now we here. Chenin Blanc at times can be about as much fun as you can have with a glass of wine. Chenin Blanc has come a long way since being the overlooked sister of Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire valley. Chenin Blanc is perhaps South Africa's white grape of national pride and recognition, where they make a crisp, dry white wine that retains a glorious bouquet of roses and proteas (that last one is maybe wishful thinking on the part of our CEO, but hey wine is subjective right?) Chenin Blanc is also experiencing a surge among winemakers in California. Te aromas are a mix of spring flowers and honeycomb with flavors ranging from citrusy to peachy. Chenin Blanc will knock you back and 


One of the most romantic white wines you can find. Bringing a bottle of Torrontes on a spring date is the wine equivalent of showing up with a dozen roses, except you can drink these roses. No, seriously, those are roses you smell when drinking this wine! Hooray for romantic gestures where both people can have fun!


There is something so brilliant, so elegant about Gewurtztraminer that it causes any who drink it to stop, pause, and take hold of what it is they are drinking. Supremely drinkable and yet this delicious white wine has a beautifully flamboyant aroma of lychees could easily be at home as the libation of choice flowing freely during a roaring twenties party. Like a cocktail made with just a hint of St. Germain, Gewurtztraminer has just a touch of sweetness blended in to its flavors of exotic fruits like lychee and melon. 

Trousseau Gris

Perhaps one of the rarest wines out there, so rare in fact that we only know of one grower in California and just a couple of producers. Trousseau Gris is a delicate, subtle, floral gem of a wine. The bouquet upon opening a bottle is like walking into a florist. You know you are here for something special, a treat for someone remarkable in your life. Trousseau Gris is a special wine that you will only want to share on an occasion that marks a special event in your life. A perfect wine then, for that spring engagement you have been planning all winter long.