Hipster wines part deux! How to look cool when drinking and talking about wine

What makes a wine cool? Every age, every generation has some cultural zeitgeist that steers the masses in a general direction. We swear that we love it, but sometimes we are not sure why. In any case, we look cool doing it! Flannel shirts, thick rimmed glasses, and wool hats worn so that they just hang off our head. Previously we talked about a collection of hipster wines that would make you look cool if you drank them, but then we realized there is something more to being a wine hipster in 2018. Its about what you say, and what you are doing as much as it is about what you are drinking. So here are some key things to remember when you want to look cool drinking wine.

Look for the obscure, the undiscovered gems

We can talk about what wines are "hipster wines" but as soon as they gain in popularity they lose their shine a little bit. We could drink all the Valdiguie we can find like its our favorite pair of skinny jeans, but you have to bring new and interesting wines into your life or risk becoming stale. Or even worse, main stream! Everybody knows the classic wine regions of France and Italy, so how about trying a wine from Greece, Slovenia, or Moldova? Even your favorite regions can be hiding something in the rough, like Oregon Gewurtztraminer, Blaufrankisch from New York, or Dolcetto and Barbera from California.

Step One - Talk Natural!

Natural wines are a big deal right now, and for good reason. Natural winemaking started as a counter culture to the mass produced, industrial wine that felt like a clone of every other wine you ever drank. Minimal intervention from the farm, to the winemaking makes natural wine fit right into our lifestyle where we demand hand crafted, quality products. Not for nothing, but Action Bronson has played a huge part in bringing awesome natural wines to our attention. Natural wines, or minimal interventionist wines, are considered as true an expression of terroir as you can find. 

Step Two - When you are ready, go Biodynamic

Biodynamic is the geek chic wine term that will become your next obsession. Biodynamic is basically natural wine taken to a whole new level by adding the esoteric biodynamic farming principals to the mix. Whether or not you believe adding herb and dung filled cow horns to a vineyard in order to direct the energy of the cosmos actually adds anything to the wine, you should seek biodynamic wines out. The folks who follow biodynamic principals pay massive attention to details in their wine, they take care of everything because to them this is a living expression of the world around them. For us seeing biodynamic on a label means BUY THIS WINE!

Always bring Pet-Nats to the party. Always!

Pet-Nat wines are so hot right now. No, Champagne is not over, but this is a moment for Petillant Naturel wines to give us more of a reason to drink sparkling wine. Pet-Nat is a style of winemaking that cuts the fermentation process short, bottles the wine, and lets the continued fermentation in the bottle produce a light fizz that makes these tart wines so delicious to drink. This style of making wine has seen winemakers around the world experiment with every grape under the sun to turn it into a fun to drink, brilliant to share wine. From Cabernet Sauvigon, to a Rose style Cabernet Franc, and a crazy fresh AF Verdelho, we just love sipping on Pet-Nats at every chance we get. Definitely bring a Pet-Nat to a party and you will be the coolest wino there.

Dude, be cool!

People think that being cool means knowing something that others don't and then holding it over them like they are uneducated. That is not cool at all. Wine is made for sharing and is best served with friends. So share what you have found, dont be stingy, and enjoy it. Use wine to bring a smile to the faces of your friends and dont worry about what they know. Do you enjoy the wine? Do they enjoy the wine? Thats all you need to know, thats the fundamental principal to being cool when talking about and drinking wine.