Nero D'Avola is the hottest thing to happen to full-bodied red wines

Full-bodied red wines are awesome! Yes, there is a reason everybody clamors over rich Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. They are decadent AF! But there is a big, bad ass Italian red wine that is about to blow all of those other full-bodied red wines away. Nero D'Avola is Sicily's answer to rich, big, spicy red wines that consume your heart. 

Big, bad and, and oh so spicy!

If you want the simplest description for Nero D'Avola it would be Italy's answer to Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. A hearty, heavy, dark, full-bodied red wine that has a massive presence. But there is so much more to this awesome grape than just being compared to a couple of mainstream vinos. Nero D'Avola is way more exciting. It has a rich flavor of plums and dark fruits usually combined with a spicy, black pepper finish to it. You might even get a whiff of licorice, or tobacco thrown in with chile peppers. You can imagine that this wine is red hot, and it definitely is. 

Something different, and uplifting

The greatest thing about Nero D'Avola is its vivacious attitude. As you can imagine from a Sicilian wine, this grape is way better suited to warmer climates, and you can taste it! It brings out a lot of character in the wine. There is a great deal of energy as all the flavors combine together to create something so raw, so passionate, and with such a deep thirst for life. Like an ancient ceremony that weaves its way through the streets of an old town and gets everybody some sort of happy drunk along the way. This is a happy, joyful wine, pure and simple, which makes it such a refreshing take on a full-bodied red.

Nero D'Avola's Californication

While this wine is a mainstay in Sicily, often considered one of Sicily and Italy's "most important grapes," Nero D'Avola has not quite made its way off the island. Its adventures into the new world of wine are still fresh, still gaining traction, and becoming known. You'd imagine that this super energetic wine has to find a home that can really see it live up to its Sicilian cousins, and in Mendocino County, California it really has. 

Nero D'Avola didn't just come to California to settle, instead, it has become full blown Californian. A fun-loving, sun-drenched blonde haired beauty! Its sexy, racy, and free-spirited. In California Nero D'Avola has managed to get away from its traditions without forgetting them, and its exciting to see what will happen when this wine takes hold and takes its place amongst California's most renowned varietals.

If you look carefully enough you will find a good Sicilian Nero D'Avola at just about every wine store you have close to you. They also tend to be reasonably priced. But this is Vynl, and we love pointing you in the direction of America's craft wines! Luckily two of our favorite natural oriented makers have some great wines for you to try!

Broc Cellars makes a fantastic Nero D'Avola. The badger on the label seems a bit strange, but once you take a sip you totally get it because this is one feisty red wine! It is totally unassuming, but dark fruits and spiciness with that hint of funk you get from a purely natural wine make it downright awesome.

My new favorite though has to be the Martha Stoumen 2016 Nero D'Avola. It also happens to be one of Martha's favorite grapes so you know she puts her heart and soul into this awesome wine. Its bright, but dark at the same time. Its full of joy and passion, with big fruit flavors and a good hint of pepper that just lifts your soul and your mood as you drink it.