Time to step up your Rose game this Spring!

Okay, so Rose has been one of the go to wines for our generation in the past few years. In fact Rose has become a serious drink that has sparked a love affair for wine drinkers across the board, from the club goers to the serious wine geeks and everybody in between. Its become a mainstay of our spring and summer culture, simply because its freaking awesome! But this is 2018! This is a year of Pet-Nats and natural wines, hazy wines full of character and soul. Yes Rose is awesome, but its time we stepped up our Rose game this spring. Here's how.

Know your shades of pink!

Folks are making Rose wine from a whole host of red wine grapes now. We have seen pink wines made of everything from the classic Pinot Noir, to the sexy Grenache and Cabernet Franc, up to the full on Cabernet Sauvignon and Mourvedre. Winemakers are taking these grapes and doing what they want with and in doing so are creating wines with a light blush of pink all the way through to a deep shocking pink that is just shy of being a translucent red wine. In doing so winemakers have created a Rose wine for every occasion! Light pink wines are going to be closer to your white wines, crisp and dry with a hint of red fruits like strawberries and cherries. Perfect for picnics and having a refreshing drink during the day. The deeper the color the deeper the flavors and more complex the aromas that will remain easy to drink through the night.

Live life unfiltered!

Unfined and unfiltered wines are just so sexy right now, and the natural wine movement is doing us all a major service here. Perhaps some of the most exciting natural wines are the Roses coming out all over the place. Top of everybody's drinking list this should be Susucaru, but we probably wont be seeing any of it till mid summer. So we have been on the lookout for beautiful wines that are bring together Rose fruitiness and natural funkiness into one pink stormy bottle. 

Damn we love this wine. Susucaru is a delicious, cloudy Rose, but hard to find. No matter, we soldier on and have unearthed a host of natural rose wines!

Damn we love this wine. Susucaru is a delicious, cloudy Rose, but hard to find. No matter, we soldier on and have unearthed a host of natural rose wines!

Martha Stoumen has an amazing Rosato of Nero D'Avola made in an Italian style of leaving foot pressed grapes to settle overnight. Its a beautiful deep pink bordering on a light red wine that will tempt you to do bad things. Fun bad things though!

Sparkling Rose really is the best of both worlds

Yes it is! There are a lot of great sparkling wines that have a Rose cousin in their arsenal. From the big Champagne houses like Dom Perignon, who's Rose is always the center of every rich brat's celebration, to the modest Juve y Camps Cava who turns things up a notch by adding Spanish varietals like Grenache to the mix. But this Spring if you are going to up your Rose game then it has to be with Rose Pet-Nat wines. With a light fizz and a tart flavor with just a burst of sour cherries there could be nothing better for a fun Spring party, especially once you start taking things outdoors. 

There are a few pink Pet-Nats making their way around, but we were big fans of the Channing Daughters 2016 Rosato Cabernet Sauvignon Petillant Naturel.   The Broc Cellars sparkling Cabernet Franc is another wine you should keep your eyes open for if you can find it.

Know how to Ramato

So Ramato is a strange wine, but it often gets thrown into the mix when talking or thinking about Rose AND Oranges wines. Whether you think its a pink wine or an orange wine is cool, but this is definitely not a wine to overlook. Different from your typical Rose wine that is made using the process of making white wine on red grapes with very little skin contact, Ramato uses the same style of making red wine on the grey to pink colored Pinot Gris grape. Still with us? Look, all you need to know is that Ramato is a whole other level of awesome with a solid funkiness to it and a little bit of tannin that you would usually expect from a red wine. Its that wine that is going to make your friends go "Whoa! What is this? This is awesome!" the next time you have them over for drinks.

Still looking for some inspiration?

We got you covered. We are going all Spring and Summer long to find you the coolest, most awesome, most heavenly wines we can find so you can drink with your friends and be a wine deity. Check out our Pinterest board below, and be sure to follow as we update it whenever we find a wine worth sharing.