What the F*** is Frizzante?

A little less sparkling, a lot more refreshing

What is a Frizzante wine? You might see this in a few places but not really understand what it means. The term frizzante is generally used in Italian wine to describe a wine’s effervescence, or how much it sparkles, but its a term that has caught on with a lot of winemakers around the world. Frizzante refers to a wine that has a light and delicate sparkle. The effect it has on a wine can be delightful, giving it a fresh taste and creating an uplifting drinking experience.

So what exactly is frizzante wine and how is it different from sparkling wine?


In simple terms, frizzante wines are not as sparkling as sparkling wines. Frizzante is any wine that has a pressure of 1.5 to 2 bar when in a closed container. By contrast, a sparkling wine like a Champagne or Prosecco might contain anything from 3 to 5 bar of pressure. There is no set way in how a wine takes on its frizzante form, as it can occur naturally or gas can be added to the wine at some point in production. 

Where do I find frizzante wine?

In Italy, just about every sparkling wine region will have wines that are frizzante. Though Prosecco has become more famous for their bigger sparkling wines with a lot more bubbles, a handful of winemakers make wines that are frizzante, which make them a beautiful wine for cleaning pallets, starting off a meal, or kicking off a party!

Pignoletto in Emilia-Romagna is another sparkling wine producing region in Italy that is giving Prosecco a run for its money. When done in a frizzante style the wines from Pignoletto are refreshing, clean, and crisp. There is something so unique about these wines that just keeps you wanting more and more. All of the wines tend to be super quaffable, with citrus, peach, and herbs breaking through. Like a savory, sparkly cocktail at a brunch on the patio, these wines could go on and on.

Yes, Pet-Nat are frizzante too!

How could we talk about frizzante without talking about the hottest sparkling wines on the planet right now! Petillant Naturel (Pet-Nat) wines are the stuff of dreams. A subtle fizz with a tart and a lip-smacking punch that will make you swoon, Pet-Nat wines are the summer drink you have long dreamed of. These are great wines for rooftop gatherings, summer cookouts, or hanging with friends under those hipster industrial lights and wishing those nights would never end. 

Pet-Nat is a method rather than a region, or rule, so winemakers the world over are working with all sorts of grapes from Channing Daughters using Petit Verdot to make a red Pet-Nat, Fausse Piste using Muscat in their Fish Sauce white Pet-Nat, and Oyster River Wine Growers of Maine using American-European hybrids like Cayuga to make Morphos.

What is life without (just a little) fizz?

What makes frizzante wines so awesome is that you don't have to take them as serious as the big sparkling wines like Cava and Champagne. These are always wines that are meant to be enjoyed and that little bit of fizz is there to put a smile on your face. Frizzante wines are as easy going as they are easy drinking, so when you see frizzante just know that you are going to have a good time with a friend without anything serious happening. What is life without a little bit of fizz and sparkle after all?