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Cool climates making cool wines: How cool climates and high elevations became the hottest trend in wine

One thing I have noticed from winemakers to wine writers, and now wine drinkers, seems to be that everybody is hot for cool climate wines. So why is everybody talking about cooler climates? And what does it do for me?

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Crush your next dinner party with the perfect wines (a how to that doesn't suck)

Let your geek flag fly through your actions, and let folks fall in love with the wines on their own terms. Its really simple, but if you do it right you're going to totally crush it. Yes, we love the crushing wine puns too.

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How to learn wine in 3 easy steps

You don't need to learn everything about wine, but being a more confident about how you choose your wine will make you more appreciative.

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Am I doing this right? How to open a bottle of wine!

Are you having trouble opening your bottle of wine? Are you not sure what kind of corkscrew to get? There are so many ways you can open a bottle of wine, from the simple, to the flashy, to the shoe. Yes. you can open a bottle of wine successfully and easily using just a shoe.

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How to (REALLY) drink Champagne.

You've been drinking Champagne wrong this whole time! Don't worry, so were we. Good thing we found out how its supposed to be done.

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Red wines in the summer: To chill or not to chill?

To chill or not to chill? Well, do you want to be drinking 80 degree Pinot Noir this summer???

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What do we taste when we drink wine? Answer: Everything we know