Insane, powerful, full bodied red wines that will blow your mind (and you probably never heard of them)

If you really love a deep, powerful, heavy, full bodied red wine then you know that the pursuit of finding that decadent richness can be all consuming. The lust you feel when those velvety textures hit your tongue, singing your throat and cutting off all of you inhibitions. The feel of lapping up every drop fills you with desires as dark as the juice that lights it. These wines are mind blowing, earth shattering, and you probably never even knew they existed. Aren't you happy you have us?

Tannat - Vibrant and adventurous

Do you love tannins? Yeh you do! You were that kid who ate all the sour candy weren't you? Its a weird sensation, but it feels so damn good. Tannat (pronounced Tan-NOT apparently, and not Tan-NAT) is a tannic beast. Its definitely a red wine for the brave, those with a vibrant heart, and a sense of adventure. 

Its hard to find a serious Tannat in the US because as a single varietal wine it is not very popular. But go big or go home right? Yannick Rousseau makes some killer Tannat wines and even has a reserve, single vineyard wine called The Musketeer.

Mourvedre - The wild child

Mourvedre is heavy, and as dark as anything. It is one of the most powerfully seductive red wines you can find. Mourvedre has a lot of spice, bold fruits, and massive tannins that turn add culture to something so raw, so primal, that makes it downright seductive. Think of hunted game cooked over an open flame, harking back to our deepest instincts as we gather around the fire and seek warmth not just from the flames but from others as well. 

Enso Winery in Portland (if you so happen to be in the area) has some fantastic Mourvedre, and offers a selection that will give you a real lesson in vintage and terroir.  For those who are craving real natural, unfiltered, raw, and primal Mourvedre look no further than Donkey and Goat who make wines that will make you feel oh so naughty, but oh so good.

Nero D'Avola - Dark and powerful

Italian wines have an inherent sex appeal. Nero D'Avola takes that to a whole new level. Its like a tall, dark, beautiful stranger with a lot of power dressed in striking black Armani perfectly tailored. There is a darkness lurking behind their eyes, but thats only going to add to the beauty. Its a whole lot of spicy, sensual dark fruits, and even a healthy herbal character. 

I was hooked on Sicilian Neros but this Brock Cellars 2016 Nero was insanely good. Very rich, and the spark for an incredibly passionate night.

The best thing about these wines? They just make you feel so sexy! They are as passionate as they are relentless, bold as they are beautiful. Full bodied red wines can be warm and brooding, or they can be wild and seductive. Whether you choose any of these wines we have spoken about, or you continue your search to even wilder wines like Petite Sirah, or Pinotage, you are always going to be in for a treat.