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How to speak modern wine - The wine terms you need to know in an era of natural wine

Wine culture is shifting at a tremendous pace. Us young wine lovers are changing how wine is drunk, how we think about it, how we talk about it, and what part it plays in our lives. We have eschewed luxe wine collections from a select few wineries in pursuit of new experiences from around the world. Wine is a part of who we are, and if you want to get with the times you are going to have to learn the lingo of this new era in wine.

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Hipster wines part deux! How to look cool when drinking and talking about wine

We realized there is something more to being a wine hipster in 2018. Its about what you say, and what you are doing as much as it is about what you are drinking. So here are some key things to remember when you want to look cool drinking wine.

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5 Hipster wines that will make you look cool

Once the punchline to many a joke, hipster is no longer a subculture but a compass of what we enjoy in our lives today even for wines.

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