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The next frontier of direct wine sales is online (and here's how to dominate it!)

We know that online sales are going to be crucial in the not so distant future, especially given business, economic, and cultural shifts in the industry. But for some reason the industry is still shy and in the dark compared to other industries. 

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The Hotlist: November 2017 - Wines we love that keep us warm

Summer is well and truly over, Fall is in full swing, and Winter is creeping up on us. Some of you have probably seen your first snow fall. Oh god and then there's Thanksgiving coming up and the start of the holiday season. Good thing wine is there to help

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Am I doing this right? How to open a bottle of wine!

Are you having trouble opening your bottle of wine? Are you not sure what kind of corkscrew to get? There are so many ways you can open a bottle of wine, from the simple, to the flashy, to the shoe. Yes. you can open a bottle of wine successfully and easily using just a shoe.

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5 Hipster wines that will make you look cool

Once the punchline to many a joke, hipster is no longer a subculture but a compass of what we enjoy in our lives today even for wines.

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What the F*** is Pet-Nat? (Pettilant-Naturel)

What the fuck is Pet-Nat? Where did it come from? And how is it blowing up wine stores across the country? Is it just the latest hipster trend in winemaking or is this going to be a full on romance we have with a wine style like how we love Rose? To really find out, you have to try for yourself but allow us at Vynl to explain.

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Five wines to drink this fall, the wine guide to get you started this season.

Ankle boots, light jackets, and dead leaves. What could be missing? Oh yeh! A guide to wines that will help you kick off the fall right.

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Wines that Rock - Cinsault, Why are we not drinking all of this yet?

Goddamit! Here we go again. Its hard to shake off negative perceptions when you get called cheap, but Cinsault does a damn good job of showing what it as to offer. You will have to look hard, but you can find single varietal Cinsault out there in the world.

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What the F*** is Natural Wine

What makes natural wine the hottest thing in the wine world right now? Maybe because it is flying in the face of everything we have been taught about wine and proving us wrong. And thats awesome!

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Wines that Rock: Sauvignon Blanc - Always there when you call, always on time

Yeh, Sauvignon Blanc is one of my go to wines, and I am glad because I know it will certainly make me happy every time I have a glass (or five).

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What the F*** is Acidity?
What do we taste when we drink wine? Answer: Everything we know