Cabernet Franc

a wine to capture your best moments, and help you remember them with delight!

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The Vital Stats

Body: Medium

Fruity: Yeh kinda. Maybe some hints of strawberry

Tannins: Pretty mellow, still gives it a velvet like texture

Acidity: Oh yeh!

Whats that I taste: Chilli peppers, olives, maybe earth or crushed gravel



What you need to know about Cabernet Franc!

In Cabernet Franc you get the perfect wine to savor, and capture the moments. A wine for the good times, happiness and the warmth that these moments bring you. A wine of reflection, its medium body is not so light that it gets lost in the moment but not so heavy and complex that it overwhelms you and loses meaning. There is beauty in its subtle tannins, the and flavors that are sometimes fruity, sometimes vegetal, and sometimes earthy.

You can find hints of strawberry jam, limestone, gravel, dirt roads, or even leather in the bouquet and the flavors. 

Food pairings for Cabernet Franc

Turkey, all day! If you prefer red wines with your poultry, Cabernet Franc goes down a treat. You will want to try this wine with lamb and pork as well, because the higher acidity will really cut through the strong flavors and fattiness of the meat.

Scouting tips for Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc as a stand alone wine is most associated with the Loire Valley. In fact, the Chinon region in the Loire is most renowned for Cabernet Franc. Other places that make some really good Cabernet Franc are Chile, South Africa, and California.

Our Favorite  Cab Francs

Fascinated by Cab Franc? Give these a try!

Occasion Pairings for Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is the ultimate chill out wine. Great for relaxing with friends, hanging out, and having conversations about life's hopes and dreams. Cabernet Franc also goes down a treat at intimate dinner parties with friends and family.

Anything else you need to know about Cabernet Franc?

Cabernet Franc will warm your soul!