Cabernet Sauvignon

Long live the king

From Napa to South Africa and beyond, Cabernet Sauvignon is widely regarded as the king of wine.

From Napa to South Africa and beyond, Cabernet Sauvignon is widely regarded as the king of wine.

The Vital Stats

Body: The standard bearer for full bodied red wines

Fruity: Lots of dark, but bitter fruits

Tannins: Usually very balanced. Sometimes it can get a bit out there. Usually calms down with age, especially the more expensive Napa Cabs.

Acidity: Almost perfectly balanced

Whats that I taste: Tobacco, leather, and what everything must taste like when you're rich

What you need to know about Cabernet Sauvignon!

There is a reason they call it the King of Grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon is as meaty, as big, as bad, and as flavorful as they come.  Cabernet Sauvignon is Elvis Presley, crossed with Kanye West, on steroids.  Everywhere you go it is either taking on a host of new characteristics, changing who its look from crooner to rock legend, and screaming at the top of its lungs that it begs to be seen, it begs to be heard, and it craves to be drunk.

Cabernet Sauvignon is indulgence at its core. It is big on every aspect of the wine spectrum. It is full bodied, loaded with tannins, full of fruit flavors, and of course not too shy on the alcohol. You will get tastes and aromas of stone fruits like cherries and plums, maybe even some figs, but also bell peppers, tobacco, and woody flavors to boot.

Food pairings for Cabernet Sauvignon

Uh, steak? Cabernet Sauvignon is the ultimate steak dinner companion, whether frying something up at home and knocking back a $15 bottle, or out with the boss at your local high end steakhouse and knocking back a $150 bottle. Go for it, Cabernet Sauvignon CRAVES red meat. 

Scouting tips for Cabernet Sauvignon

Bordeaux has some Cabernet Sauvignon forward (mostly Cabernet Sauvignon) blends, often from the best of the best houses. Napa Valley is synonymous with Cabernet Sauvignon, and you will always find some amazing wines worth every penny. Chile makes great Cab at a reasonable price, as does South Africa who's Cab wines air slightly more on the fruity side but are still rich.

Our favorite Cabernet Sauvignon wines

Excited about Cabernet Sauvignon? Try these awesome wines. 

Occasion Pairings for Cabernet Sauvignon

A meaty wine for meaty occasions, Cabernet Sauvignon is a great wine for when you want to feel like you run the world. Go on, you wolf of Wall Street you!

Anything else you need to know about Cabernet Sauvignon?

Go big or go home right? Cabernet Sauvignon is as big as it gets!