Carignan is the ultimate foodie wine. Did we just hear a dinner bell?

Old vine Carignan.jpg

What you need to know about Carignan!

Carignan really is the ultimate food wine. It is smooth, with just the right level of tannins. Carignan is super easy to drink, but at the same time has all the character and flair that you would want in a medium bodied red wine. Little bits of prune, a little bit of strawberries, a little bit of black currant, all the flavors you want to indulge in to compliment any meal.

Food pairings for Carignan

Such is Carignan’s suitability to any meal be it, poultry, beef, spicy stews, curries, Moroccan, or Chinese, that you really cannot go wrong pairing it with any food. It is super easy to drink and highly complimentary of anything you put alongside it. 

Scouting tips for Carignan

Carignan is one of the widest grown grapes in France and California, but because of its awesome durability, and propensity to grow big, full, juicy berries, it has been used by big companies to make cheap, boxed or jugged wine. Then the vines got older, and started pumping out some really good wines. So look out for old vine Carignan, its really awesome stuff!

Occasion Pairings for Carignan

Are you looking to impress somebody at dinner? Your in-laws? Your future in-laws? Carignan is that wine that will set you apart, make you seem like you know your stuff, and really impress people.

Anything else you need to know about Carignan?

Carignan is a party trick in a bottle, and you should be taking a bottle everywhere you go because this wine really rocks!