The adventurous, food lovers, and beer drinkers, red wine.

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What you need to know!

The wine that Chile saved and made famous! Carmenere is something special. Chileans celebrate it as if it was their own because of its potential to add flair to everyday life. If you have never tried Carmenere then it is something you should put on you drinking list as soon as you can, especially if you are a fan of anything spicy, peppery, slightly bitter, or a good medium bodied red wine. As far as body goes, it is straight down the middle between a Shiraz and a Pinot Noir.

You get the smell of peppercorns, bell peppers, and crunchy flavors with a velvety texture. Carmenere is something you could drink and indulge in every day no matter how you felt.

Food pairings

Carmenere is one of those amazing, versatile wines that goes with just about anything. It won't be a miss with a roast dinner (beef, pork, chicken) or at a BBQ, or with a few good cheeses. Pairs great with roasted vegetables too!

Scouting tips

Look for Carmenere hailing from Colchagua in Chile, the climate suits the grape perfectly and makes for the best wine. Carmenere does best in the hands of people who love making wine, so you should check the back of a label for a good story. Cheap stuff can be regrettable.

Occasion Pairings

Re-living your South American adventures, one glass at a time. Carmenere is also a great wine to sit around and drink with friends, especially if you want to show that craft beer, IPA loving beer snob friend of yours what wine is really all about.

Anything else?

Did we already tell you about how this is the perfect wine for craft beer lovers?