Chenin blanc

You'll never see this coming

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Style: Aromatic

Bouquet: Honeysuckle

Fruit flavors: Can range from crisp citrus and green apples to peaches and honey

Anything else: Tons of minerality, a lot of limestone

Acidity: Yes please! Chenin Blanc gets acidity just right.

What you need to know!

Chenin Blanc is an amazing white wine that not too many people know about. It was all the rage in the 80s but fell out of favor because what was sold was usually on the sweeter side from later harvests. But in places like South Africa, people have been making some ridiculously good, bone dry white wines. 

Chenin Blanc is originally from the Loire Valley in France and is like the little sister to Sancerre, displaying so much of the same characteristics, but cries and craves to do things differently, and a little less reserved. It gets right up in your face with its citrus and pear flavors, then knocks you back with its crisp minerality. Sometimes it just wants to let its hair down, bake in the hot sun, and turn into a tanned beauty with flavors of peach, honey, and honeysuckle.

Food pairings

Chicken and Chenin Blanc were made for each other, especially when you throw some herbs in the mix. It would not be a miss with turkey, or even some wild birds. The high acidity will also cut through some fatty fish dishes, or even fried fish.

Scouting tips

South African Chenin Blanc will always be light and zesty, and the same can be said for some Loire Valley wines. Though sometimes its harvested later in the Loire, and will get sweater, peachy flavored wines. Still awesome!

Occasion Pairings

Whether you are quenching your thirst, pairing it with food, or lounging with your friends, Chenin Blanc covers all the bases making it a real wine that rocks. 

Anything else?

Drink Chenin Blanc all summer long! It will quench your thirst on a hot day without question.