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Our mission in life is to find wines worthy of sharing with our dearest friends. We look deep into the hearts, peering into the souls of winemakers finding folks who are passionate about what they do. People who turn winemaking into an art form, rebels who break all the rules, or folks who want to give you an expression of their home, their culture, in a bottle of wine. These are the stories worth telling, and wines worth drinking, these are the wineries we fall in love with.


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Teutonic Wine Company.png

Teutonic Wine Company

Portland, OR

Life, Wine, black sabbath and Frasier...

Have you ever fallen in love with something so hard that you decide to just go out and make it your own, to make it your life's work? That's what happened with Barnaby Tuttle when he discovered Riesling. Now, along with his wife Olga, he makes ass kicking Mosel inspired wines out of his Portland based urban winery.


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Celebrating America's Craft winemakers

America is known for big, bold wines. But what you should know about the amazing wine culture in the United States is that it crosses over every state, from California to New York. In every state there are craft winemakers and wineries who make wine like it is a calling, or a passion, rather than just a job.