Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you...

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What you need to know!

For a long time a selection of Portuguese grape varieties have been used almost solely for Port. And who could blame them? Port is amazing! But we will save that for another time. Right now Douro is gaining popularity for their red wines, and as our global appetite for decadent, full bodied, meaty, hearty red wines increases Douro will surely be on the lips of many a wine a lover.

Much like Port, Douro is a combination of bold fruit flavors like plums, blueberries, blackberries, combined with sharp herbal notes, and even some earthy qualities like gravel after a rainfall. 

Food pairings

Hearty, heavy red wines like Douro deserve hearty meals to pair with. If you have ever been searching for the perfect red wine to have with BBQ brisket or ribs, this is for you. Short rib would be perfect with Douro. Goose or Duck will go nicely with it as well.

Scouting tips

Touriga Nacional is used a lot in blends from the region. Its top, top quality so expect to be paying around $25-$55 for a good bottle of single varietal, which is expensive for most but not as expensive as other more well known top, top reds.

Occasion Pairings

It brings back memories, and sentiments of sitting in front of a fire, whether at a barbecue, or indoors on a cold winter night. It harks to something so primal in us, that we cannot help but sit in silence in the presence of our loved ones.

Anything else?

Douro is the wine equivalent of sitting in a log cabin, and putting your feet up by the fire after a long day of skiing. You’re exhausted, and you need something to massage your body from the inside , Douro will do that for you.