Hell bent for leather!

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What you need to know!

Grenache, or Garnacha as it is called in Spain, is full of life and character. It can be bold, and yet soft. Imagine Ernest Hemingway if you will. Not the drunk, womanizing Ernest Hemingway, but rather the man he thought he was in stories like For Whom The Bell Tolls, or A Farewell To Arms, and sure go ahead and throw in some lost generation easy living from The Sun Also Rises. Powerful, yet caring and loving, intriguing, yet devilish and idealist. 

There is nothing better than a good leathery Grenache, but you might get some flavors of strawberries, plums, stones, sweet citrus, and even a little aniseed. Its just really sexy!

Food pairings

Its a spicy wine, so lets be having it with the spicy food then. It goes great with Indian food, or Malay, or any other spicy Asian dishes. Pairs fantastically with Spanish food as well. 

Scouting tips

The Spanish call it "Garnacha" and are quite proud of it, but it actually comes from the Rhone valley in France where it is used in their typical "GSM" blend. Its also really popular in the United States and Australia, where winemakers are happy to let that freak flag fly.

Our Favorite Grenache

Oh, we know we made you thirsty. Here are some great Grenache wines to quench that thirst.

Occasion Pairings

Grenache can set a pretty sexy mood, so if you are having some romantic time at home with someone who really strikes your fancy, break out a bottle of Grenache and let the sparks fly. Its going to make you feel sexy, so a perfect wine to "Netflix and chill" with. Its got a pretty high alcohol content so be careful, or you will heighten the desire and ruin the performance.

Anything else?

You have totally been singing "Hellbent for Leather" in Rob Halford's voice this whole time haven't you?