What? A dry red sparkling wine? Oh yes!

A dry red sparkling wine, Lambrusco is like having your cake and eating it too.

A dry red sparkling wine, Lambrusco is like having your cake and eating it too.

The Vital Stats

Sparkling Style: Tank method

Made from: A family of grapes called the Lambrusco family. These include Lambrusco Grasaparossa, Lambrusco Maestri, and Lambrusco Marani among others

Fizz: Medium fizz, not too overpowering

Fruit: Cherries and rhubarb (ok thats not a fruit, but come on its delicious!)

Dry or Sweet: Can be either. Bone dry Lambruscos are super in right now.

What you need to know about Lambrusco!

This is not your aunt's Lambrusco. Lambrusco enjoyed a hot streak in the eighties as a sweet sparkling wine but as tastes changed in the nineties it was forgotten. Today Lambrusco has evolved into a crisp, bone dry, delicious sparkling red wine.

Lambrusco is made in a similar style to Prosecco, only they use red grapes instead of white. Using this "tank" method of adding bubbles to the wine means Lambrusco is easier and cheaper to produce, so seeking it out wont break the bank. The color can range from something resembling a rose to an almost Coca-Cola looking dark hue depending on what the winemaker is trying to bring out. Lambrusco is bolder, meatier, and fruitier than other sparkling wines while still remaining crisp, dry, elegant, and a real pleasure to drink. If you are a sparkling wine fanatic, you need to check out Lambrusco ASAP!



Food pairings for Lambrusco

Lambrusco is Italian, so you will want to seek out Italian foods for this wine. Lambrusco will go well with cold cuts, cheeses, and sausages but you may want to try pairing Lambrusco with a hearty pasta as well. Hey, maybe even give it a shot the next time you order a pizza!

Scouting tips for Lambrusco

Anybody who specializes in Italian wine should be carrying a couple options of good Lambrusco. Lambrusco varies a little, so you will definitely want to try a few before landing on your favorite.

Occasion Pairings for Lambrusco

Lambrusco feels a little bit more chill than other sparkling wines, not craving a massive party but still having a good time. Lambrusco is a great wine for hanging out with friends and lifting the mood a little bit as it will definitely get everybody joking, smiling and going "Ooh, what is this?"

Anything else you should know about Lambrusco?

This may be a tricky wine to find, but it will reward you for seeking it out. There are a lot of restaurants and bars who carry Lambrusco and a good bartender will always be interested if you order it.