The wine that put Argentina on the map!

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What you need to know!

Malbec is a lot like a great friend. It is accessible, in location, and price, like a good friend should be, never asking too much of you. Malbec is also a pleaser, it’s broad appeal makes it ready for almost any occasion, like a good friend who is ready for anything at a moment’s notice. Simply put, a bottle (or case) of Malbec in cellar, or in your wine rack, is ready to go for any occasion.

Malbec is a full bodied wine that is smooth to drink, with great fruit flavors, and often some aromas of dark chocolate, leather, and a smoky, tobacco flavor if aged well. Though you do have to be pretty discerning about where you are getting your Malbec from. The wine’s versatility masks the grape’s feeble nature and struggles with climates even slightly out of its comfort zone. Thus it nearly went extinct because it was out of favor, but saved when it found a home in Argentina who have made Malbec their national grape.

Food pairings

Malbec goes best with Argentinean BBQ and grilled steaks like flank steak, or skirt steak., but it can pair really well with strong meats like lamb where the soft tannins of the wine will not overwhelm the flavor of the meat.

Scouting tips

Argentina saved the grape, and should be rewarded for doing so. The BEST Malbec comes from Mendoza, which has become synonymous with the wine. You can find some good Malbec from North America as well, where the popularity of the wine made it impossible for winemakers to ignore.

Occasion Pairings

For heavens sake, please take a bottle or two of Malbec to your next BBQ, its the perfect wine for outdoor fires, grilled meats, and standing around with friends.

Anything else?

Do you like Spanish rock? Give the bands Enanitos Verdes and Soda Stereo a good listen when drinking Malbec, it just feels right.

Malbec is like Diego Maradona, a little Argentinean that was made famous by the hand of God.