Long live the queen

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What you need to know!

Merlot is one of those legendary wine grapes from the Bordeaux region in France, but in the mid 2000s a snotty little film called Sideways said something bad about the drink and sales flatlined for a decade. Then our generation got their lips into it, and good thing we knew better! 

What is not to love about this wine? Merlot has the body and power, to dominate a Super Bowl with an immense performance like the Queen herself, Beyonce. The velvet body, lush fruits, chocolate notes, leather, clay pots, plums, blackberry, they are all there in one-way or another, from one bottle to the next.

Food pairings

Like most medium bodied wines, and because its just so damn delicious, Merlot is a really versatile wine to pair with foods. You should definitely try having some Merlot with duck, a hearty beef stew, or even a real gamy venison. The Queen approves!

Scouting tips

A lot of Bordeaux blends are Merlot dominant, and most have some Merlot in them. Saint-Emillion for example, has some great Merlot heavy wines. Anybody that is trying to be a bit French in their approach will have Merlot, because its an easy drinking crowd pleaser. Its easy to find, but you definitely want to try a few regions to find your favorite. 

Occasion Pairings

Merlot is one of those wines that is going to connect with your heart, making a great wine for special occasions. Its a wine that has the power to bring people together. 

Anything else?

Merlot is one of those wines that you connect with because of your life, your experiences, your sad days, your happy days, your memories, and your future. Its all there, and like a good hit song it hits your just right, just when you need it, just when you least expect it. Then it is there forever, a part of your heart, your mind, and who you are.