A Heavy Presence

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The Vital Stats

Body: Big, bad, and full. 

Fruit: Dark and decadent!

Tannins: Super high, super dry mouth feeling.

Whats that I taste: Game meat, smoke from a grill. Maybe a little rose petal. Its all a wonderful contradiction.

What you need to know!

Mourvedre is one of those wines that does not get nearly enough credit. It is a great blending grape, making up the 'M' in the legendary GSM (Rhone style) blends around the world. Alone though, this wine is a whole different beast. Mourvedre is dark, broody, and heavy but not in a weird way. It is all dark jeans, leather jackets, and Chelsea boots. Seriously sexy!

Mourvedre is about as big, and full bodied a wine as you can get. You might even say it puts Cabernet Sauvignon to shame in that regard. It has rich aromas of dark fruits, and flavors of red meat and game. 

Food pairings

Within an instant of smelling and tasting Mourvedre you will be craving dark, red meat. Game, and rich meats like ribs, skirt steak, and flank will go down a treat alongside Mourvedre. Not a meat eater? No problem, Mourvedre goes down a treat alongside wild mushrooms, especially those with meaty or earthy flavors.

Scouting tips

Mourvedre can be hard to find on its own. It is called Monastrell in Spain, and is the main grape found in Alicante.

Occasion Pairings

Why the hell cant we drink wine at a metal concert? Wine is the most metal drink there is! Mourvedre would be perfect for that. In fact Mourvedre is perfect for any occasion where black leather is worn in one way or another.

Anything else?

Give this wine a chance, sometimes it feels good to be bad!