orange wine

What is orange wine? We dare you to find out!

Orange Wine

What is orange wine?

What the hell is orange wine? It is not wine made from oranges, actually far from it. Orange wine in general is wine made from white grapes, with the juice left to ferment on the skin in the same style as making red wine. In short, what that does is keep all the awesome fruits, acidity, and minerality associated with white wine, and adds in the tannins associated with red wine. It is a strange combination, but it makes for some really funky, awesome wine. It is not for everyone, but its worth trying just to see if you like it.

Though its an ancient style of making wine, the modern Orange Wine revolution has seen winemakers all over the world play with Orange Wine techniques using different grapes from Pinot Grigio, to Chenin Blanc, to Gewurtzraminer. Orange Wine is the funky, wild, hippie cousin of Rose.

Food pairings for orange wine

Orange Wine is perfect for bold, exotic, spicy dishes from Moroccan, Ethiopian, to Peruvian, to Indian. It stands up to the prowess, and delicious spiciness of the dishes. 

Scouting tips for orange wine

Italian Orange Wine will often be labelled as Vino Bianco, but others will be a bit more open about what is in there. Best tio, if you are really searching, is to ask the store or bartender if they have any Orange Wine, then gauge their reaction to it.

Occasion Pairings for orange wine

Truth or dare or Orange Wine? That is the new favorite game in the Vynl office. It is a great wine to enjoy when you are doing something different.

Anything else you need to know about orange wine?

Orange Wine is weird, its wonderful, it makes you want to move and dance like you are about to have sex. Its seductive as fuck. Orange Wine is James Brown, you're going to have a funky good time that emphasizes the down beat of the tannins on top of the melody. Its body makes it soulful, smooth, and groovy. At its best, orange wine can be hard to put down even if its got that funky taste that goes against the rules.