Pettilant Naturel wines are naturally beautiful

Pet-Nat wines are easy to drink, super accessible, and incredibly fun. They may be the hottest trend in wine right now!

Pet-Nat wines are easy to drink, super accessible, and incredibly fun. They may be the hottest trend in wine right now!

The Vital Stats

Sparkling Style: Method Ancestral - A method of pausing fermentation, bottling the wine, and letting fermentation continue in the bottle.

Made from: All sorts of grapes, thats what makes Pet-Nat wines so fun!

Fizz: Light, and scrumptious!

Fruit: Lots of fruit, often very tart given the style of making the wine

Dry or Sweet: Most Pet-Nat wines are sweet, again because of the style, but we have come across some bone dry versions.

What you need to know about Pet-Nat wines!

Petillant Naturel (Pet-Nat) wines are one of the hottest trends in wine right now. They are a part of the natural wine movement and bring a lot of character and dynamism compared to other strictly regulated sparkling wines.

Pet-Nat wines use something called the "methode ancestral" to add CO2 (the bubbles) to wine. They are bottled before the first fermentation is complete, so the fermentation finishes in the bottle and because that gas has nowhere to go it ends up adding a little bit of fizz to the wine. Pet-Nat wines are loosely defined by the method that they use and not the grapes that they use, so winemakers can use whatever grapes they damn well feel like. This means you can get Pet-Nat wines made from grapes ranging from Grenache to Cabernet Sauvignon, from Chardonnay to Chenin blanc, white, red rose, and everything in between. All with a little bit of fizz, a little bit of sweetness, and a hell of a lot of character.

Food pairings for Pet-Nat wines

It is hard to say which foods Pet-Nat will go with because the wines vary so much, even from bottle to bottle. You will probably be drinking Pet-Nat with friends, so light snacks would be a win.

Scouting tips for Pet-Nat

Pet-Nat is more of a movement than anything, so its really about getting out there and having a go. Look for folks who pride themselves on making natural wines as they will probably try their hand at a crowd pleaser like Pet-Nat.

Occasion Pairings for Pet-Nat wines

If Champagne is about having a massive Gatsby-esque party, then Pet-Nat wines are hanging out on a rooftop in Brooklyn.

Anything else you should know about Pet-Nat wines?

These wines can sell out fast! So get your hands on a lot of them whenever you get the chance.