Out of Africa

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What you need to know!

Like so many awesome wines, Pinotage was a wine that nearly dissappeared altogether from the world (why does this keep happening?). It was invented by a professor at the University of Stellenbosch who crossed Pinot Noir and Cinsault, but after he passed away his garden was hacked down. Pinotage was saved from the chaos by somebody who recognized what it was and saw its potential.

Today many in South Africa would consider it their national grape, but its taken decades to establish itself with the term. South Africa had a long history with France, and French style wine making but the new, free South Africa cried for something they could call their own. Pinotage is exactly that, a liberal outcry for freedom, equality, and national identity. Pinotage is one of the great bold, rich, full bodied wines that encapsulates flavors of dark fruits like plums, blended with rich smoky and tobacco flavors. 

Food pairings

Bobotjie, bunny chow and boerewors. Never heard of those South African delicacies? Thats cool, Pinotage will go superbly with beef stews and even venison. Did we just hear you lick your lips? Yeh you did!

Scouting tips

Beware of cheap Pinotage! It will taste like paint thinner. At the same time, there is no real need to spend massive amounts of money for a good one. There is a lot of Pinotage out there for $10 to $20+ that will really make you happy.

Occasion Pairings

African safari nights with nothing but the sky and stars above you. Take a bottle of Pinotage with you when you go camping, save it for the fireside chats.

Anything else?

Our first ever blog post likened this wonderful wine to the story of Rodriguez. Its totally worth watching Searching for Sugarman. It will make you fall in love with South Africa and hopefully make you thirsty for Pinotage next time you see it.