rhone Valley Red Blends



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What you need to know!

The Rhone Valley is another of France's legendary wine regions that is not just famous for the wine that they produce, but also how much they influence what and how wine gets made all over the world. There are a bunch of grape varietals that are allowed to be grown in the region to make up Rhone blends, but the one blend you need to know, and are going to fall in love with is Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre. 

Simply known as GSM, this blend has shaped the wine world in countless ways, but you can enjoy them all over the world from the originals to the countless homages. The blend makes for a well balanced, medium bodied red wine. Sometimes peppery and leathery, sometimes lots of berries and figs. GSM blends are deliciousness wrapped in luxurious, leather parcel.

Food pairings

Like we say about most medium bodied red wines, GSM or Rhone blends go well with just about anything. These blends will go especially well with duck, lamb, and hearty winter stews. Higher quality Rhone blends like Chatauneuf du Pape are the ultimate fine dining wines. 

Scouting tips

Wine coming from the Rhone valley has some indicators to its quality. Cotes du Rhone and Cotes du Rhone Villages mark the most basic level of quality and can be a good buy. When a wine label from the Rhones valley names the village, such as Chatauneuf du Papes, Gigondas, and Hermitage are top quality and have some super wine. GSM blends have also found their homes in Spain, Australia, and South Africa who all take note from the original and make some fantastic wines.

Occasion Pairings

Grenache Syrah Mourvedre blends are some of the finest of fine wines, and would not be out of place at a fancy dinner, or a black tie gala.

Anything else?

Remember the sitcom Frasier? Frasier is often seen ordering Chataueneuf du Pape at French restaurants. That village was once the new home of the Pope, after the Catholic church briefly moved the Holy Capital there in the 1300s.