Those crafty Australians hit the money!

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What you need to know!

Who ever thought of blending, and co-fermenting, white grapes and red grapes? Who's bright ass idea was that?

It seems insane, crazy, outlandish even to most people. Adding white grapes to a red wine seems like taking all the meat out of BBQ. You are afraid you lose what makes the wine so interesting, so indulging, but in truth this has been going on for hundreds of years. It just seemed to fall off the map for most of us. The French, in some regions, did it because the Syrah (what most countries call Shiraz) grew alongside Viognier and it seemed only natural to do so. Australian winemakers picked up the baton, and we are so happy they did.

Viognier adds a little something else to the big, bad, bold, Shiraz. Often adding a much more aromatic presence to the wine, you start to notice from your first sniff that something is up, something here is dangerous, and oh so beautiful. You could be in trouble, because the next thing you know the silky texture of the blend is allowing you to gulp down glass after glass, right before you start to blast TNT by AC/DC. 

Food pairings

Lots of dark fruits, plums, mixed with herbs, flowers, and spices in a hearty full bodied red wines. This wine craves to be around flesh and fire! You might also want to try this with your pork chops, especially if you like a good red berry reduction to go with it.

Scouting tips

Shiraz-Viognier blends come predominantly from Australia, though you might be able to scout a few French versions as well. It is also becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, where those cheeky Saffas even dare to throw in a little Mourvedre. Crazy fun!

Occasion Pairings

Shiraz-Viognier blends are like Australians, super easy to talk to, so this wine makes a great conversation companion. Before you know it the person you are chatting to and sharing these wines with will open up to you about everything. They might even call you "mate."

Anything else?

The Viognier makes the badass Shiraz (Syrah) more refined, like dressing a punk in John Varvatos. A sexy rebel.