The Romantics' white wine

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What you need to know!

Your first ever sip of Viognier is going to blow your fragile little mind. It Torrontes hits you like a bouquet of flowers thrown straight at your face, smelling of roses, and geranium. Screaming romance from the very first breath. The high altitudes of Salta in Argentina where the best Torrontes comes from, make for some lightly zesty, faintly dry, and subtle fruit flavors. It is as light a white wine as they come, but the aroma more than makes up for it.

Food pairings

If there was ever a wine that could stand up to the zesty, spicy, deliciousness of a chilled ceviche, Torrontes is that wine. It is a great wine for light, flaky fish like sea bass or flounder. 

Scouting tips

Torrontes really only comes from one place, Argentina. The best Torrontes comes from the Salta region. 

Occasion Pairings

A perfect wine to hit the beach with, or to cool off with on a really hot day. Its just really enjoyable. Its not too complex, its not too heavy, but it has all the necessary characteristics for even the first time wine drinker to feel special. Torrontes is a wine you could drink all day long, and feel like you are having the time of your life. You laugh a little, you dance a little, and at the end of the day you just relax and go with the flow.

Anything else?

The more the Torrontes flows, the happier you will be.