Verdelho is white wine with all the bullshit taken out of it

What more could you ask for in the summer than a chilled glass of Verdelho?

What more could you ask for in the summer than a chilled glass of Verdelho?

What you need to know about Verdelho!

Verdelho could be the one best damn white wine in the world. To be clear I don't mean that a single bottle of Verdelho is the single best wine in the world, but it could be that wine that ticks all your boxes. A white wine that everybody will love, from the novice to the certified wino. Maybe because it has everything you could want from a white wine, the crips acidity, the dryness, the slight oily texture, the mouthful of passion fruit that drives people wild. Or it could be because it has all of that with out all the complexity, without all the nuance.

Food pairings for Verdelho

Summer foods will always pair well with Verdelho. Ligh fare like salads and even grilled fish and seafood will go down a treat alongside a glass of Verdelho.

Scouting tips - Where to find Verdelho

Australia makes some amazing Verdelho, but California is getting in on this craze too. Verdelho is a great alternative to more expensive white wines.

Occasion Pairings for Verdelho

Laid back, super chill, nothing overly complicated. Verdelho is a great white wine to share amongst friends, it is a people pleaser that will keep everybody cool and happy when its hot out.

Anything else?

Verdelho just hits you like a catchy tune and reminds you of the beach as much as it reminds you of the Beach Boys. Verdelho just makes you happy even if you are not sure why.