Vinho verde

The wine of the endless summer

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What you need to know!

Vinho Verde is a region in Portugal that has a very unique way of making light white wines. Its a blend of Portuguese white grapes, mostly Alvarinho (Albarino) but it also may have Arinto, Trajadura, Loureiro, or whatever else grows in the region. You just put it all together, several grapes in one, have some fun, make some music and boom! We got ourselves a record. Its funky, it rocks, and can be as playful as Jamiroquai or as energetic as Red Hot Chilli Peppers going full tilt. Its a celebration of sun, fun, and good times. It just makes you feel good.

The best part of Vinho Verde, is whether you are a wine snob, or a wine noob the heat has a way of bringing us all to the same level. Vinho Verde is a great wine that just cuts through all that bullshit, its got all the flavors you can analyze for days if you want to, but if you just want to shut up and drink to cool off and have fun Vinho Verde is there. Love it, share it, Vinho Verde is a real wine that rocks.

Food pairings

Vinho Verde has delicate flavors of green apple, peach, and pear make it a great wine for foods that are difficult or tricky to pair with otherwise. Goes great with salads, even if you have an acidic dressing but it is at its best when had with seafood.

Scouting tips

Keep your eyes peeled for single varietal Vinho Verde, which is absolutely phenomenal stuff because the winemakers just let the grapes do their thing. Vinho Verde is also as accessible a wine as they come, with even great bottles going for less than $10 and the phenomenal stuff no more than $20.

Occasion Pairings

On a hot night, or a hot day, nothing can make you happier. Maybe a little Jamiroquai blasting some funk into your ears, singing about sunny June, Canned Heat, and how much you love your new summer crush with just a Little L 

Anything else?

Vinho Verde is like the adults version of lemonade or limeade.