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What you need to know!

Your first ever sip of Viognier is going to blow your fragile little mind. It is like drinking a creamy butterscotch candy, without too much of the sweetness. The oily, creamy texture of a good Viognier wine makes this wine incredibly lush to drink, almost decadent in every sip. Its just unbelievably fun.

You can get some really good, lightly citrusy Viognier where the bouquet opens up like a rose garden. Or you could get some more tropical fruits like mangos or peaches, combined with almonds in a really hearty white wine. 

Food pairings

The oily or creamy texture of Viognier combined with its pretty decent alcohol content will make it a great accompaniment for spicy dishes like Thai or Indian curries. Or you could just straight up eat mangos and peaches and enjoy the rush of this amazing wine.

Viognier will also go well with rich, creamy chicken dishes, or even a veal blanquet, anything that matches its rich mouth filling texture.

Scouting tips

The Rhone valley produces some absolutely legendary Viognier which will knock your socks off and kill at dinner parties. Australians have almost made this their signature white varietal, and boy does it show. They make some ripper wines from this stuff.

Occasion Pairings

Any time when you could use a break from your mother in laws Chardonnay binge. Viognier is a pretty versatile white wine you could have at dinner, on a hot summer night after a long day, or just sitting by the pool. It is one of those wines that if you fall in love with it, you are going to crave it.

Anything else?

Its so much fun just to say VEE-OHN-YAY, but be careful, it is incredibly addictive!