Made in America


What you need to know!

Ah Zinfandel. There is probably no sharper contrast to old world wines than the magical, American, Zinfandel. The story of Zinfandel is as American as they come. An immigrant from Italy carrying with it a style and character that would shape its new home, nearly lost to prohibition, only to finally find its way back in the 1930s and become a grape synonymous with American wine. Its like Zinfandel left the old world behind and created its own destiny in California.

Zinfandel grapes have a lot of sugar in them, so when they ferment it makes for a high alcohol wine (woohoo!) and just a hint of residual sweetness.  If you love berry flavors in your wine, or just knocking back luscious, velvety, full bodied wines, at the Super Bowl party then you are going to fall in love with Zinfandel. 

Food pairings

Burgers, steak, wings, BBQ, and smoked stuff. What other foods makes America awesome? Yeh those, pair Zinfandel with those. 

Scouting tips

California, California, California. Places like Lodi and Napa are prized for their old vine Zinfandels which have stood the test of time and survived everything that nature and history has thrown at them.

Occasion Pairings

Parties, tail gaiting, and every major American past time. Whether you are watching baseball, or getting together for a backyard BBQ, Zinfandel is a fun wine that everybody will love. Its not too snobby and pretentious, just a load of laid back fun.

Anything else?

For years nobody was really sure where Zinfandel came from, or how it got its name, but DNA testing has matched it to the Southern Italian and Croatian varietal, Primitivo. Also makes awesome wines, but distinctly different.